Oak Hill High School (previously known as Collins High School) is a high school located on Oyoer Avenue off of US 19 in Oak Hill, West Virginia.


Payton, Timothy – Principal,Hayes, Katie. – Associate/Assistant Principal, High Vacancy – Associate/Assistant Principal, HighHighAcord, Andrea – Classroom Teacher, High School
Ball, Willard – Classroom Teacher, High School
Bay, Patrick – Classroom Teacher, High School
Blankenship, Jason – Classroom Teacher, High School
Hayes, Katie. – Associate/Assistant Principal, High
Bowman, Brian – Classroom Teacher, High School
Bowyer, Jennifer – Autism Mentor
Bragg, David – Custodian I
Breeden, Barbara – Classroom Teacher, High School
Browning, Rex – Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Cafego, Franklin – Custodian III
Carte, Kathryn – Classroom Teacher, Vocational (K 12)
Case, Sarah – Classroom Teacher, High School
Cobb, Robbie – Aide IV
Cook, Brandi – Classroom Teacher, High School
Cortines, Kimberly – Classroom Teacher, High School
Dempsey, Paula – Classroom Teacher, High School
Drennen-Rosiek, Carolyn – Classroom Teacher, High School
Ewing, Connie – Classroom Teacher, High School
Fields, Kristen – Classroom Teacher, High School
Fleming, Vickie – Cook II
Floyd, Brett – Classroom Teacher, High School
Garvin, Debra – Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Genthner, Emily – Classroom Teacher, High School
Gibson, Kathleen – Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Gill, Sean – Custodian I
Herron, Tammy – Classroom Teacher, Vocational (K 12)
Hogg, Janet – Cook I
Hollister, Earl – Classroom Teacher, High School
Hough, Justin – Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Huffman, Judy – Cook I
Hughes, Charlene – Classroom Teacher, High School
Vacancy – Associate/Assistant Principal, High
Hysell Sr, Steve – Custodian II
Jones, Jayann – Classroom Teacher, High School
Kelly, Wanda – Cook I
Kent, Kyle – Classroom Teacher, High School
Lickliter, Vickie – Classroom Teacher, High School
Lilly, Mark – Classroom Teacher, High School
Lilly, Tina – Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Lokant, Lori – Classroom Teacher, High School
Lokant, Raymond – Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Lucas, Adam – Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Manon, Jill – Classroom Teacher, High School
Marstiller, Dennis – Classroom Teacher, High School
Martin, Virgil – Classroom Teacher, High School
Matney, Roger – Classroom Teacher, Special Education
McGuffin, Tega – Classroom Teacher, High School
McGuire, Roberta – Librarian
Mullens, Timothy – Classroom Teacher, High School
Nibert, Bridget – Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Painter, Lavanda – Cook II
Parrish, Megan – Classroom Teacher, High School
Payne, Charles – Custodian III
Payton, Julie – Classroom Teacher, High School
Payton, Timothy – Principal, High
Pemberton, Frances – Cafeteria Manager
Pennington, Albert – Classroom Teacher, Vocational (K 12)
Pennington, Mary – Classroom Teacher, Vocational (K 12)
Perry, Kristin – Classroom Teacher, High School
Phillips, Jacquelyn – Classroom Teacher, High School
Prostrollo, Paula – Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Quesenberry, Chad – Classroom Teacher, High School
Raines, Walter – Curriculum Specialist
Ramsey, Anthony – Autism Mentor
Richmond, Brian – Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Rinehart, Joel – Custodian I
Rogers, Lora – Classroom Teacher, High School
Rosiek, Randal – Classroom Teacher, High School
Rosiek, Virginia – Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Rutter, Mechele – Secretary II
Scurlock, Pamela – Classroom Teacher, High School
Seletyn, Alexander – Classroom Teacher, High School
Shuemake, Adam – Classroom Teacher, High School
Smith, George – Classroom Teacher, High School
Taylor, Amanda – Classroom Teacher, High School
Thomas, Brandy – Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Thomas, Lisa – Aide IV
Thompson, Tammy – Classroom Teacher, Vocational (K 12)
Vance, Pamela – Clerk II
Villaflor, Minerva – Classroom Teacher, High School
Webb, Janie – Classroom Teacher, High School
Wilson, Lisa – Accountant II
Wolfe, Nina – Counselor, High
Wright, Christina – Counselor, High
Wriston Jr, Wayne – Classroom Teacher, High School
Yates, Tasha – Classroom Teacher, High School

OHHS is locally known for their great athletes such as Tracy Shelton 1988 player of the year and shooting guard for WVU, Cornelious Jackson 1996 Player for the year basketball point guard for Tennessee and Marshall, Montey Wright 1997 player of the year basketball and Johnathan Frazier 1st team all stater 1998.

In fall 2011, nearby Mount Hope High School was consolidated into Oak Hill High School.   The tradition and heritage of both Mt. Hope High and Dubois High are now merged into the heart & soul of Fayette County’s largest school.  The newly combined school will moved OHHS to return to the AAA level for athletics.

The OHHS official fight song is “On Red Devils.” (sung to the tune of On Wisconsin!)

Bell Schedule

Currently Oak Hill High School has three different bell schedules. One for Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, one for Tuesdays, and one for Thursdays. Oak Hill has changed this so there will be time for club meetings during the school day, and not only after school.

Sports Heritage

Oak Hill’s basketball program has been exceptional when in AA competition for a few years now. OHHS was West Virginia Boys Basketball AA State Champions for two years running (for the 2009-2010 and the 2010-2011 school year.)

MHHS brought to OHHS a heritage of great victories on the gridiron.  The MH Mustangs had state championships in football and with track & field.  This blending of the two schools promises a bright future for athletics at Oak Hill.

AP Programs

OHHS has long had a successful Advanced Placement and Honors program in place.

Freshman Academy

OHHS is in its second year of having a Freshman Academy in place, where the incoming 9th grade class is a “school within a school” to impact the adjustment of new students coming to high school.  These students are led by a faculty that is set apart from the rest to allow them to best meet learner needs.  This is resulting in dramatic improvements academically and socially on the Oak Hill Campus.


Oak Hill High School (previously known as Collins High School) is a high school located in Oak Hill, West Virginia.

The school’s website is located at 

In fall 2011, nearby Mount Hope High School was consolidated into Oak Hill High School. allowing the addition of more diverse classes and support for the students of southern Fayette County, West Virginia.

Combining the two schools allowed athletic programs to compete at the WVSSAC AAA level. The official fight song is “On Red Devils, ” sung to the tune of “On Wisconsin!”   A heritage of success in sports and academics exists at OHHS, and the current generation is working hard to build on that blueprint.

Adjacent to OHHS is the Fayette Institute of Technology, which serves the entire district for career and technology education.


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